7 Oahu Foodie Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Looking For The Best Oahu Foodie Instagram Accounts To Follow?

You have come to the right place! Since we’ve lived on Oahu our whole lives, we can tell you exactly which Oahu foodie Instagram accounts to follow.

New food spots popping up everywhere on Oahu, and what better way to know the inside scoops than to hear it from the locals themselves! The foodie community on Oahu keeps both tourists and locals up-to-date on the best places to eat, new restaurants, and upcoming foodie events.

In this article, we will show you 7 of the best Oahu foodie Instagram accounts that we have been religiously following for Oahu food recommendations!

7 Best Oahu Foodie Instagram Accounts To Follow

1 – @hungrylilbean

@hungrylilbean is one of the best Oahu foodie Instagram accounts to follow. Be sure to check out this Oahu foodie Instagram account for the best food recommendations.

This hungry lil bean, aka Tasia, has all the recommendations for the best restaurants and events on Oahu. Her account is the best for finding local events or the best spots for any ethnicity of food.

Whether that be for the perfect date night, the best desserts, or the best hidden gems that only locals know about- Tasia has it all. You will find short, high-quality videos that feature many dishes for a good idea of a restaurant’s entire menu.

This Oahu foodie Instagram account very clearly shows what each post is about before you even click on them. This makes for an easy search if you’re looking for a specific foodie recommendation. 

Be sure to check out her highlights for Oahu food guides, boba shop ratings, Q+A’s, and more!

2 – @hawaii_foodaholic

This Oahu foodie Instagram account is all about the overall experience. Here you will always find a diverse range of delicious food recommendations

Additionally, Hawaii Foodaholic features everything from the minute you step in, to food preparation, and finally to the finished dish presented at your table.  

This is a top Oahu foodie Instagram account to follow for unique and high quality recommendations that give a real glimpse of the dining experiences in Hawaii.

3 – @frolichawaii

Known as Hawaii’s authority on dining, Frolic is a Hawaii food blog run by Honolulu Magazine. They always keep up to date with the newest trendy hotspot restaurants and events that are popping up all over Oahu.

Frolic Hawaii is a very interactive Oahu foodie Instagram account to follow. They are constantly collaborating with other creators in the community for the best recommendations possible. They have also created Poke Fest, which showcases the best Poke on the island!

Frolic also has some of the best close-up shots and have detailed posts. You’ll see why each restaurant is so special and why they’re worth checking out!

4 – @hawaiisbestkitchens

Hawaii’s Best Kitchens is a well-known account with 167,000 followers and almost 20,000 posts on their page! Everyone tags their food posts with #hawaiisbestkitchens for a chance to be featured on their page. 

They are also the Oahu foodie Instagram account to follow for new emerging restaurants or exclusive “only in Hawaii” foods. Not only do they showcase mouthwatering dishes from top restaurants, but also short recipe tutorials on local dishes!

@hawaiisbestkitchens is the original Oahu foodie Instagram account that has stood the test of time with the best recommendations. They are very active on Instagram, so don’t forget to check out their stories!

5 – @fiveftfoodie

@fiveftfoodie is one of the best Oahu foodie Instagram accounts to follow. Be sure to check out this Oahu foodie Instagram account for the best food recommendations.

Five-foot Foodie is best known for her short, vlog-style reels of new and popular restaurants all over Oahu. All of her posts include completely honest and insightful reviews including the good and the bad. 

Everything from the quality of the food to the ambiance of the restaurant gets included in her reviews. She always tells you if it’s worth trying or not- even if it’s considered to be a popular spot.

She is also one of the best Oahu foodie Instagram accounts to follow to be in the know of special deals and hidden gems.

If you want real and truthful reviews, then this is the Oahu foodie Instagram to follow.

6 – @kellishiromabraiotta

Kelli covers all points in the dining experience here on Oahu. She provides very informative and descriptive voiceovers of must-try spots and new restaurants in her reels.

Restaurant specials, dining offers, and happy hours are often shared on her Oahu foodie Instagram account.

Kelli’s videos always give you FOMO because she shows the most mouthwatering foods! She not only shoots quality videos, but the food recommendations themselves are always up to par as well.

Kelli’s foodie Instagram account only posts restaurants that are actually worth a visit. You will find unique qualities that make these restaurants stand out from the rest!

7 – @foodzillahi

Foodzillahi is an Oahu foodie Instagram account that makes you feel like you’re getting recommendations from a family member or your best friend. She is the one that you can count on to give you a great review that you would actually like. 

She showcases short, high-quality videos including close-up food shots and brief shots of the overall restaurants. There is also always some text about the delicacy and location on each post!

Foodzillahi is a great Oahu foodie Instagram account to follow for top food spots that have the best dishes and delicacies on Oahu!

Bonus Oahu Foodie Instagram Accounts That You Can Check Out and Follow!

  1. @townie.tay  
  2. @eatplayphoto
  3. @tommy_eats
  4. @thomasohhh 
  5. @shootzwego
  6. @hangrygirls_hi

Best Areas on Oahu to Eat: Foodie Edition

The Oahu foodie Instagrams will often recommend restaurants located in the same areas. So foodies that like hopping from one food establishment to the next, can easily do that on Oahu.

Look no further than Oahu’s food-centric areas with restaurants found all in one convenient spot!

Ward Village

Ward Village is one of the most modern communities in all of Oahu. It’s located next to Ala Moana Shopping Center and right across the street from Ala Moana Beach Park.

Additionally, Ward Village is one of the best locations for foodies who want to experience the urban city life of Oahu. They have everything from a quick sweet treat all the way up to luxury dining.

Our favorite desserts at Happy Lemon are the mochi bubble waffle and the mango yakult smoothie. This place is also a favorite among the Oahu Foodie Instagram community.
Happy Lemon in Ward Village

Some of our favorite places to go to in Ward Village are Jinya Ramen Bar for authentic ramen and appetizers, Off the Wall for local beers and wines on tap, and Happy Lemon for some boba drinks and bubble waffles.

Salt, Kaka’ako

Salt in Kakaako is the place you want to be if you are into fusion food and craft drinks! Many Oahu Foodie Instagram accounts recommend this area.

Salt Kaka’ako is another urban location in Honolulu that offers a modern hipster vibe throughout the area. With murals presented throughout Salt, you can see the history and the creativity that built this dynamic gathering place.

Village Bottle Shop in Salt is our go to spot for grabbing a quick drink with friends. This trendy spot has been featured in many Oahu Foodie Instagram accounts.

Salt Kaka’ako has great community events, restaurants, and shops, perfect for foodies traveling to Oahu. Some unique restaurants to check out are Moku Kitchen, Arvo, Village, and 9Bar Hnl.

Downtown Honolulu

Downtown Oahu is home to some of the best hidden gem restaurants and bars. Oahu Foodie Instagram accounts will typically feature Downtown Oahu in their posts.

Downtown Honolulu is the main business district on Oahu that is filled with shopping, dining, and many bars.

They also have a diverse culinary scene with hidden gem restaurants tucked away throughout the busy streets. Many cool and unique restaurants are popping up more and more in Downtown, making it a must-try location.

Marugame Udon has the best udon on Oahu for its price. This restaurant is a favorite among the Oahu Foodie Instagram community.
Marugame Udon has the Best Udon for the Price on Oahu!

Note that Downtown Honolulu is very lively throughout the weekdays, but a lot of restaurants close up shop on the weekends. Be sure to check shop hours if you planning a trip to Downtown Honolulu. Some of our favorite hidden gem restaurants are Smith & Kings, Obake, Marugame Udon, and Bar Leather Apron.

Waialae Avenue

From casual dining to the perfect date night, Waialae Avenue is a one-stop shopping area to get some delicious bites that are some of the best on the island.

Since they are located right down the road from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Chaminade University, this long stretch of road filled with restaurants is a main hotspot for trendy dining. Some great restaurants to try out are Cowcow’s, Restaurant XO, and Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery.

Iconic Restaurants on Oahu

Waiahole Poi Factory

The best place for Hawaiian food on the island in our opinion. You have to try a little bit of everything when you go and you must order the Sweet Lady of Waiahole, which is kulolo (taro dessert) topped with haupia ice cream.

We suggest ordering online for takeout as the lines get crazy long every day. You can take a drive down to Kualoa Reginal Park to enjoy the food while having an amazing view of the beach and China Man’s Hat.

Waiola Shave Ice

There is an endless amount of shave ice locations on Oahu. A lot of them are really good but Waiola has to be the best in our books according to locals born and raised on Oahu.

Waiola Shave Ice is one of the oldest shave ice spots on Oahu, being in the same location since the 1940s. They are way more iconic than any other spot and have this level of nostalgia that is so rare to find these days.

Waiola Shave Ice is one of the most popular shave ice spots on Oahu for locals and tourists. Many Oahu Foodie Instagram Accounts will recommend Wailoa Shave Ice as it is so iconic.

Because they have the finest shave ice that melts perfectly in your mouth, Waiola Shave ice takes the cake as the most iconic shave ice spot on Oahu.

Dukes Waikiki

Duke's Waikiki is iconic for being the laid-back island style restaurant and bar. Oahu Foodie Instagram accounts will commonly mention Duke's in their posts.

Located in the very spot that famous surfer, Duke Kahanmoku spent his days in Waikiki is Duke’s Waikiki that honors his memory. This iconic restaurant serves island favorites and tropical cocktails in upscale Hawaiian-style dining.

This restaurant is a must-try if you are visiting the island of Oahu. Here you can catch the beautiful Waikiki sunset, listen to live music, and dig into local comfort food. Our favorite dishes are the poke tacos, sauteed mac nut & herb-crusted fresh fish, and the iconic hula pie that is big enough to share.

Closing Thoughts: Best Oahu Foodie Instagram Accounts To Follow

Oahu is the number one spot if you are a foodie who likes experiencing different local cultures, discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants, or trying new trendy hotspots.

Here in Hawaii, food is its own love language, and it’s one of the many ways that people come together as a community. There are so many iconic restaurants and food-centric locations all over Oahu that you can’t miss out on. 

To help you on your foodie adventure through the vibrant flavors of Oahu, the best Oahu foodie Instagram accounts will be your virtual guide throughout the journey. From savory to sweet, traditional to innovative, these profiles will unlock the secrets of Oahu’s diverse food scene. Dive into your next bite of paradise with locals by your side!